We work for painters

In 1968, John Geberth, Jr. started Titan in his Clifton, New Jersey garage. Little did he know that it would impact the way paint and coatings are applied today. That 1968 upstart now leads the market with innovative, dependable spray equipment. And we still approach every product with a common goal: how can we make the painter’s job easier, more efficient and more cost-effective?




Titan products are loaded with built-in features that help your crews crank out projects and efficiently move on to the next job. Just think how often your progress is slowed, going up and down the ladder to change tips. Or, having to grab a common hammer to knock-free a clogged valve. You can reclaim that time with practical, useful Titan sprayer features that you’ll truly appreciate on the job site.


It all goes back to Titan’s introduction of the replaceable tip, which totally revolutionized paint application. So much so that it and other Titan innovations -- like the brushless motor and the in-line filter gun -- became industry standards as other manufacturers adopted our innovative technology to keep up. (They knew a good thing when they saw it.)

And that innovation continues today. Titan’s TR2 allows you to change fan size by simply turning the tip – no stopping necessary. And you can leave your hammer in the toolbox because our Sureflo Pusher Valve technology quickly frees up the pump’s lower ball valve at start-up with the simple push of the button. Bogged down with pump clean up? Get accelerated with Titan’s unique Rapid Clean pulse pressure that uses water surges to speed scrub your pump’s inner workings and lines.

And that’s just the beginning. Bottom line: We’re not satisfied until we know we’ve helped make your job faster and easier. We’re committed to you.

When it comes to Titan, think value.

Because face it, isn’t value an important consideration in day-to-day business decisions? In every case, Titan pumps and tips match or outperform the competition. What’s more, not only do you get better performance, when it’s time to make a purchase, our products take less out of your pocket.

And it doesn’t stop there. Titan sprayers cost less over time. Simply put, they’re easier to maintain and repair, keeping more dollars in your pocket over the lifetime of your sprayer.

We understand that project sizes and budgets are unique for your business, so we offer professional-grade equipment to meet you where you are today and where your business is headed tomorrow. And chances are, we have support right around your corner. Titan products are sold and serviced at trusted painting supply stores throughout North America, making us not only a money-saving but also a convenient choice.

When it comes to Titan, think dependability.

Titan is your service-focused, no hassle partner. We take our reputation of producing reliable sprayers seriously, going all the way back to when we pioneered the portable, lightweight Titan 440. A quarter of a century later, it’s still the best selling airless sprayer in America.

And without a doubt, our products carry the best and longest warranty in the industry. Who else offers a 4-year warranty on pumps? No one. Proof we’re here for you for the long haul.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales and service network is on the front lines as your resource, helping you one-on-one to choose the right sprayer for the right application and the right coating. We’ll go that extra mile to help you improve your painting experience. After all, our team’s ultimate goal is to see you succeed and your profits grow.

We work for painters℠.  We work for you.